2 thoughts on “Announcement: A Summer Break”

  1. When I listened to the Summer Break podcast, I was bummed!! I need my Marisa and Joy fix!! But, I get it!! Take care ladies!! Regroup!! You could never put out enough podcasts to satisfy my demand!! I look and look for new podcasts, but they never compare!! Glad you saw each other in person.

    I think you asked for podcast suggestions. Joy, I am waiting to hear about you new Vitamix. Did you get the E series ( I think that is the name of the one I am thinking of)? Did you get the food processor attachment??

    As for format, your normal format I love. It keeps it fresh, because you weave current articles in you are interested in. I did love the episode with Dan ( he is so passionate on his deep dives). You could also do a deep dive on Dan’s packaging obsession or an environment spot. Thoughts!! Discussing specific suppliers and helpful tools I think is information people want to know. Taking a deep dive maybe in a seasonable vegetable. Idk. Maybe from a healthy cooking style like Joy and a preservation or kid friendly approach like Marisa. To give lots of ideas.

    And you do need to work on pursuing sponsorship more!! You plug lots of companies.

    Sorry for the babbling. LOVE YOU ladies to death!!


    1. Beth, you are SO KIND. Thank you so much for your feedback. We really look forward to getting back into the groove next month!

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