Episode 337: Halloween Dinner, Breakfast Burritos, and Cleaning

In food news this week: Five ways the food and beverage industry is packing the polls via The Counter

In our What’s for Dinner? segment this week, we’re asking … What’s for dinner on Halloween night? Marisa’s making chili.

In our How’d You Make That? segment, Joy’s got breakfast burritos.

We talk about an inescapable part of pandemic life: Washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen all day every day.

And in What We’re Loving, Joy honors Pukka Tea.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 337: Halloween Dinner, Breakfast Burritos, and Cleaning”

  1. I got in the Rancho Gordo bean club too!! YEA! That reminds me, I need to make another pot of beans. I’ve been telling friends about your idea of making the holidays special with new traditions or special homemade meals – focusing on the good is hard for me all the time but especially right now. We’re having chili and cornbread for our Halloween dinner and doing a scavenger hunt instead of trick or treating. And, we’ll probably put the Christmas tree up because we love it and it’s 2020 so I don’t care if people think it’s too early.

    I laughed at your conversation about (not) cleaning the kitchen floor. Mine shows every dog hair (although no crumbs because of the dog) so I vacuum the floor when I get the carpets or send the roomba into the kitchen. Mopping? Meh. This spring, the dishes were overwhelming! I’m not used to being home all day and my son needed to eat at least 70 times every day…it was a lot. I’m really good at ignoring the dishes but am trying to get into a better routine. My son (almost 8yo) is now in charge of unloading the dishwasher and that helps a little.

    Thanks for the great content and reminding everyone to go vote!

  2. I also got off the waitlist! Bean Club here I come! Can’t wait to serve bean broth shots to my family this holiday season. They’re going to love it. 😉

    1. Huzzah! Welcome to the club. Even though I have SO MANY BEANS I’m still looking forward to November’s shipment.

  3. I am still on the bean waitlist.

    Do you guys get Mark Bittman’s newsletter? I just got it and he spoke up about how much food policy matters. Among other things, he said:
    I realize this email is going to alienate a small percentage of subscribers, and I would implore that minority to think very carefully before voting for a sociopath, and I will miss you. Some things are more important than what’s for dinner. Our recipes will always be here; I’m worried about democracy being here.

    So Local Mouthful is in some good company in not keeping quiet. Thank you for speaking up. Please don’t stop!

  4. I am also a new member of the bean club 🙂
    Joy, you may enjoy Stress-Free Tea from Arete Herbs (PA company). I’m not sure if it’s working for me, but it’s delicious.

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