Episode 280: Summer Produce, Tea Couscous, Matcha

Matcha is magic!

This week, Joy’s cohost is Alexis Siemons, tea and wellness brand strategist at @teaspoonandpetals. Longtime listeners may remember her from Local Mouthful Episode 112!

In food news this week, we talked about Helen Rosner’s recent New Yorker listicle in which she shared her picks for the 10 best cookbooks of the century so far. Please tell us in the comments about what she got right, wrong, or overlooked!

In our What’s for Dinner segment this week, Alexis is all over that sweet South Jersey high summer produce. Specifically, heirloom tomatoes, peaches, and herbs. It’s kind of a perfect combo when you aren’t into cooking because it’s over 90 degrees again.

In our How’d You Make That? segment, Alexis shares a genius hack for more flavorful couscous: cook it in tea instead of plain old water. Bonus points if you add dried fruit that was plumped up by a soak in some tea.

Because Joy and Alexis are both slightly matcha obsessed, they gabbed about it the whole rest of the episode. Ippodo Tea is Alexis’ recommended source for matcha and matcha-making supplies. Philly area listeners, check out A La Mousse for matcha-flavored desserts. Joy can not recommend it more highly.

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