Episode 201: Sweet Potato Fritters, Oregon Coast Crabbing, Cholesterol Update

In today’s food news segment, we talk about the recent “Are You a Carboholic?” feature from the NY Times.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, Joy shares a new favorite recipe from Eating Well magazine for Sweet Potato Fritters with Smokey Beans.

Marisa recaps the food highlight of her summer vacation–crabbing on the Oregon coast.

Joy has an update on her quest to lower her cholesterol. If you want more details on what exactly she did, you can read all about it here in a piece she wrote for Prevention.com.

And finally, we declare our love for truffle salt.

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One thought on “Episode 201: Sweet Potato Fritters, Oregon Coast Crabbing, Cholesterol Update”

  1. Hi! Just wanted to mention that besides flax eggs, we’ve had a lot of success with using ground up oats in water as a binder, too! My sister is vegan and we’ve been using the oat binder for latkes for a couple Channukahs now. Works great and no extra flavors 🙂

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