Episode 143: Gnocchi, DIY Meat Grinding, Traveling Dinner Parties

Tis the season for English peas
Tis the season for English peas

During this week’s Food News segment, we took a moment to share some personal news: Local Mouthful won an award! Thank you so much, Rad Girls, for naming us “Storyteller of the Year.

We also talked about the New York Time’s recent story about what happens to Biggest Loser contestants after the show. Unsurprising spoiler: They gain the weight back, and sometimes more.

We discussed the gnocchi in all of its glorious forms. (Joy really likes this ragu over gnocchi.)

To grind or not grind–that is a question we explore on this episode. We talk about when it makes sense to grind your own meat and how to do it even if you don’t own a meat grinder.

Sometimes you host a dinner party at your house; sometimes you take the dinner party on the road. We share strategies for the latter.

Our seasonal ingredient crush of the week is English peas.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 143: Gnocchi, DIY Meat Grinding, Traveling Dinner Parties”

  1. Congratulations on the award, ladies! So well deserved!

    I loved the talk about taking the dinner party on the road! It’s too funny the things we realize we need to cook!

  2. I make a great potato/semolina gnocchi, it’s essentially 6 baked russet potatoes, immediately removed from the skins and mashed with 2 cups of semolina flour and 2 eggs. Semolina is coarse and prevents the gumminess so often present in gnocchi. Obviously, you need to adjust for the flour, sometimes more, sometimes less. I, generally, serve this with a parmesan white sauce, approximately a lightened alfredo.

    As far as ricotta gnocchi, I wouldn’t recommend it with a store ricotta. Either make if yourself, or find a reputable local purveyor.

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