Episode 139: Plant-based Proteins, Stir Fry Strategies, Allyson Kramer

Some of Joy’s favorite stir fry ingredients ready to cook.

We talked about how the state of Vermont has helped the cause of GMO labeling. Our take: What’s the harm of letting people know what’s in their food?

What is the deal with protein, and especially plant-based protein? We talk about our favorite meat free sources of this macro nutrient.

We share our hard-won stir fry wisdom and strategies.

Maris interviews vegan cookbook author Allyson Kramer about her work and her new book, called Naturally Lean.

At the market for us this week? Fiddlehead ferns.

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One thought on “Episode 139: Plant-based Proteins, Stir Fry Strategies, Allyson Kramer”

  1. Love the plant based protein discussion! Like you said, beans, nuts, seeds, and quinoa are all great sources. I also do like tofu, although I know not everybody does. Oats and oat bran are great sources. As are avocados and potatoes (which I was surprised to find out).

    I cannot do fiddlehead ferns. Sorry, can’t get past the looks of them. 🙂

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