Episode 273: Turkey Meatloaf, Japanese Rolled Omelets, and Santa Fe Highlights

Up first this week isn’t a dose of food news, but instead is a conversation about where we’ve been lately. Between Marisa’s book tour schedule, the cold we passed back and forth, and some family stuff, we weren’t able to find time to record in May. But now we’re back and hope to be for some time to come!

In What’s for Dinner, we talked turkey. Meatloaf, that is. It was one of the things that Marisa made to leave behind for Scott when she dashed through town and never fails her. One interesting difference between Joy and Marisa’s meatloaf techniques is that Joy always bakes hers on a cookie sheet, while Marisa is devoted to a loaf pan.

In How Do You Make That, Joy walks us through the slightly sweet but decidedly savory Japanese rolled omelet that she’s been making on repeat lately. The recipe comes from Melissa Clark’s Dinner: Changing the Game (which is also the Edible Communities book club pick for June!).

We were both recently in Santa Fe for a conference and shared some of our food experiences from that trip.

And finally, in what we’re loving, Marisa has a weird one. She’s really digging watered down fruit juice. It’s probably a pregnancy thing (because fizzy water gives her heartburn, she’s using plain water), but they are really hitting the spot these days.

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