Episode 263: Valentine’s Day Eats, Improvised Rice Bowls, and Winter Salad Basics

In this week’s food news segment, we talk about the ways in which the government shutdown continues to impact SNAP benefit users (and how important it is to be aware of the people in your immediate community who might be food insecure).

In our What’s For Dinner? segment, we chatted about the various ways one might celebrate Valentine’s Day with food.

Next, Joy walks us through her thought process for those moments when she improvises a rice bowl for lunch or a solo dinner.

Marisa has fallen into a winter salad rut and couldn’t be more pleased with it. We share some of our favorite ways to keep eating our veg during the chilly time of year.

Finally, in What We’re Loving – Dave’s Creamy Hot Sauce. Not super spicy. Totally vegan. Really creamy. Entirely delicious.

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