Episode 160: Delicata Squash, Old Cookbooks, and Running a Love Story


In the food news, we all recently learned that decades back “big sugar” paid off the scientific community and that’s how those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s came to eat our weight in Snackwells.

In our what’s for dinner segment, we talked up the many pleasures of the ultra seasonal, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it delicata squash.

Joy’s getting ready to move. As she declutters her basement she’s finding forgotten cookbooks that have been packed away for years–and loving them.

Marisa talks to the amazing Jen A. Miller about her new memoir, Running a Love Story.

And we leave you with a snack-size discussion of one of autumn’s most splendid treats: Asian pears.

Episode 159: Welcome Autumn Special!

We decided to welcome the new season with a whole episode dedicated to all our favorite food fall things.

Tell us your seasonal favorites in the comments.

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REPEAT: Homemade Pizza, Packing Lunch, Brine Street Picklery

Hi, Listeners!

Marisa has been on book tour; both Joy and Marisa have been sick. We’ll be back with a fresh episode for next week.

We hope you enjoy this encore presentation of an episode we first posted last September. Show notes here.

Episode 158: Breakfast for Dinner, Immersion Circulators, Kristin Donnelly


In food news, the Associated Press published a story Massimo Bottura using leftover food from the Olympics to feed the homeless in Brazil.

Love it or hate it, breakfast for dinner remains a hot topic in home cooking.

We both have immersion circulators but we tend to use them in very different ways. We compare and contrast.

Joy talks with Kristin Donnelly about her wonderful new book Modern Potluck.

And at the market this week, we’re buying grapes.