2 thoughts on “Episode 372: Squash Sausage, Potato Hash, Home Cooking Burnout”

  1. I had to stop the episode to make this comment. Joy, early this year, I too slowly lost all motivation to cook and eat, which are for me some of the greatest joys in life. I thought it was weird and didn’t pay much attention to it. I soon started therapy, and I realized these were my indicators for COVID-related (maybe accelerated?) depression; my body knew before my mind did that something was off. I’m certainly not saying you are depressed, but I wanted to share my experience in case some listeners out there can relate. I am so thankful for this podcast. It’s the highlight of my Wednesdays.

    For my chili pepper haul, I chopped them up with garlic cloves, salt and some olive oil in my Vitamix. I added scoops of the chili mash into stir fries and fried rice. Rice is my comfort food in these depressed times.

    1. Chrissy, thank you for this comment. It makes me feel less alone! I may be dealing with some COVID-related depression. That’s definitely a possibility. I really appreciate you sharing your own experience. Your chili mash with rice definitely sounds like a comfort! Thank you.

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