Episode 229: Fallback Foods, Extra Crispy Veggies, and Food Judging

Extra-crispy roasted broccoli

In food news this week: Blue Apron is heading to retail stores. Story via SpecialtyFoodNews.com.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we explore our “fallback foods,” those dishes we make when we just don’t know what else to cook.

Joy shares her new technique for extra crispy roasted vegetables.

Marisa describes her recent experience serving as a food judge for the Sofi awards (Sofi stands for specialty outstanding food innovation).

What are we loving this week? White balsamic vinegar.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 229: Fallback Foods, Extra Crispy Veggies, and Food Judging”

  1. Question on extra crispy roasted veg. Joy, are you using chick pea or potato “flour” vs “starch” ? I am thinking its flour, but not sure.

  2. I happen to be a member of an upcycle sewing group and someone recently posted about some cotton fiber insulation that she’d gotten from a meal kit and wanted ideas to upcycle it. I’d seen similar products (typically made from denim off cuts) used in home building.

    Anyway, this got me curious given Joy’s passionate distaste for meal service packaging, so I went hunting and looking and behold, there ARE meal kit companies doing something about it!!




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