Episode 208: Risotto, Smitten Kitchen Everyday, and Our JoC Potluck

A few of the delicious treats listeners brought to the potuck

Bad news for conscientious home cooking. Hey, Whole Foods shoppers: That free range chicken may be anything but. Ugh, we have bought so much of this chicken. Perhaps it’s time to buy more of our birds from Primal Supply.

In our What’s for Dinner segment, we sing the praises of homemade risottos. This is Marisa’s favorite recipe. Joy loves Cook’s Illustrated’s butternut squash risotto recipe but it’s behind the paywall. Also recommended: The risotto method/recipe described in Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

We’re totally smitten with a new cookbook: Deb Pearlman’s Smitten Kitchen Everyday. It has us running to the kitchen. Joy has already cooked this recipe twice with plans to make it a third time this week. It’s true that there are hundreds of terrific recipes on the Smitten Kitchen blog, but we are just fools for beautiful cookbooks and this one is pleasure to read for entertainment and info as well as to just plain cook straight out of.

So, we held our second Joy of Cooking potluck and guess what? It was even more fun than our first. A group of you listeners joined us to dig into so many delicious recipes from the book we probably wouldn’t have found on our on. Dishes included chicken cacciatore, savory leek pie, lentils with sausage, roasted cauliflower with golden raisins, curried rice with fruit and nuts, hacked tempeh, and kale with roasted delicata and pomegranate seeds.

We’re doing it again in January, and if you want in, tell us in the comments below to get on the invite list.

This week, we sing a love song to the soda stream. This one tool makes a big difference when it comes to have delicious nonalcoholic drinks at your finger tips.

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17 thoughts on “Episode 208: Risotto, Smitten Kitchen Everyday, and Our JoC Potluck”

  1. Hi Joy and Marisa, I love the podcast, I have been listening for a while on the recommendation of Camille Storch of Oregon. I live just north of Philly and would love to join a future JoC potluck! So, Marisa, I hope you catch my email address. My copy of Deb Perlman’s new cookbook arrived yesterday – so I was very excited to listen to this episode! Keep up the excellent work 🙂

  2. Marisa, My sincere apologies, I mistyped your name 🙁 I could not see a way to edit my original post to correct it. I feel terrible, I hope you forgive. Marisa is a lovely name too.

  3. Hi! Have you tried making risotto in the Instant Pot?!! It’s so easy and really delicious. I used the recipe on their app. 🙂

  4. Please add me to the potluck list. I’m a listener from Baltimore who is finally moving to Philly and can’t wait to participate!

  5. I just got the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook too and I wondered if Joy had any tips about replacing the wine in the caramelized cabbage risotto? Do you just add a splash of vinegar and more broth?

    1. I use a mixture of white wine vinegar and water to replace wine. It works well unless the dish is very wine heavy 🙂

  6. Please add me to the potluck list – but I am vegan.. not sure if that makes a difference?

    PS – Joy I sent you a message on IG – we’re neighbors!

  7. Loved the show. Loved the vegan recipe ideas. Very very helpful. Thanks guys! You are my favorite pod cast!! 🙂

    1. Thanks, June! We really appreciate your note. See my reply to Shannon about helping us spread the word by leaving a review of the podcast.

  8. Love this show so much. This is my weekly chill out listening treat. Thanks for all you do! Please add me to the potluck list, as well.
    Happy Cooking!

    1. Hi, Shannon! Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m thrilled to hear it. We’ll definitely get you on that pot luck list. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, would you consider writing us a review on Apple Podcasts? Here’s how (it’s not as easy as it should be). It really helps new listeners find the show 🙂

      1. I’ll double check if I did a review or not, and will definitely write one up for the show!! Thanks for adding me onto the list!

  9. Hello from Toronto 🙂

    Big fan of the podcast, I’ve been binging it while in the kitchen figuring out making baby food. Not a direct inspiration, but I love the general food energy. I also made my first batch of jam….. Concord grape from the Food in Jars website, and I was so pleased with the results that I bought the first Food in Jars cookbook and can’t wait to dive in! I actually found you because of Marisa’s guest appearances on Random Trek… random indeed!

    Joy asked about carbinating non water beverages in the Soda Stream, and unfortunately tea wouldn’t be a great idea. The machine works by forcing co2 into the water, which then forms bubbles around nucleation sites in the water. Any small particle in the water can be a nucliation site for the co2 to bubble around. When you try to use the Soda Stream with something else, there are way more particles floating around, way more nucliation sites and way too many bubbles (which explains why the other commenter’s coffee went nuts). You could use carbonated water to cold brew some tea…. it wouldn’t stay quite as fizzy I’m sure but it would be something!

    1. Thank you for the word of warning Kimberly. I like the idea of making a super concentrated tea and then mixing it with sparkling water 🙂

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