Episode 199: Shore Catch, Costco, and the Fancy Food Show

Hibiscus infusions

In food news this week, we talk about the trend toward increased beef consumption in America.

Marisa talks about a favorite farmers’ market seafood vender, Shore Catch.

Joy has finally shopped at a Costco and she shares her first impressions.

Marisa fills us in on the trends she spied at the recent Fancy Foods Show.

We’re loving hibiscus right about now and we talk about why.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 199: Shore Catch, Costco, and the Fancy Food Show”

  1. re: Costco
    Our Costco carries 4 carton packs of organic chicken broth. Also, don’t forget their great prices on pine nuts. Don’t worry Joy, even though Costco can be total sensory/consumerism overload, we all get sucked in at some point
    While we might think it’s pretty yucky, my 86 year old dad loved going to Costco once a week with his care giver. I think those trips were big socialization times for him. I will never go into a Costco without thinking of him.

  2. Love your show! Listen every week. I commute about 45 minutes so I “save it” for my Wednesday commute. I cooked the chicken stew twice already in my instant pot (Joy) and it was great both times. I did not use the chicken peas but I also “de-paleo’d” the recipe by coating my chicken in flour/salt/pepper and browning it. I then de-glazed the pan with my canned tomatoes which I threw in there. It came out delicious with a bit of “gravy” for the stew. I tell every home cook I know about your show and I look forward to it every week. Thanks. (and Marissa, love your canning tips, I am a big canner and I am doing the challenge along with everyone else!). 🙂 June

  3. Congrats on finally getting to Costco, Joy! Another thing to add to your list is avocado oil. I’ve been trying to find healthier oils for high heat cooking, and avocado has been a great fit. It’s more expensive than the olive oil, but way cheaper than any other store. If you’re big into baking and are ok with indulging in white flour on occasions, they have humongous bags of King Arthur flour. (They also have whole wheat for fiber needs.)

    My father-in-law basically subsists on Costco almonds, grapes, and bulk green tea.

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