Episode 185: Roast Chicken, The Philly Farm & Food Fest, and Louisville

Roast Chicken
Marisa’s roast chicken set up

In food news this week, we talked about a story published at The Ringer about the “Rise and Fall of Food Writing” What irked us most about it is its failure to even mention the very kind of food writing we do–home cooking and recipes!

What’s for dinner? In our kitchens, roast chicken. How do you make yours?

Have you bought your tickets to the Philly Farm & Food Fest on April 8? If not what are you waiting for? Come take in the event and find us to say hi. We’ll both be on hand.

We are both freshly back from a conference in Louisville, KY. And we have some food highlights to share.

And finally, at the Market, Joy is buying ice cream. A lot of ice cream.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 185: Roast Chicken, The Philly Farm & Food Fest, and Louisville”

  1. more about ice cream: i try to eat local whenever possible, and lord knows there are many unbelievable creameries in new york, but my very very favorite ice cream of all time is Jeni’s, out of Chicago. super duper expensive: totally worth it. locally in nyc, Van Leeuwen makes many specialty flavors in the “slightly sour” category that i love: lemon meringue yogurt tart, sour cream with cider donut (!) and the most amazing of all, labneh with pistachio and candied orange (!!!!)

  2. I think this was my favorite Local Mouthful episode to date (I think I listened to them all!) because of how passionate you both came across. I love it.

    We are big fans of roast chicken at home, we make it every other week because it is the meal that keeps on giving. I’ll never forget the first time my husband and I roasted our first chicken (based on Glamour magazine’s “engagement chicken” recipe), it made me feel like a real adult. These days we use Thomas Keller’s recipe: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/my-favorite-simple-roast-chicken-231348

    You have convinced me to bring my kids to the Philly Farm Festival. My oldest daughter listens to the show with me and she’s excited to meet “Marisa and Joy.” See you soon!

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